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Jo Chapman
Glass Bead Maker

With a working-world background in graphic design, among other things, Jo’s free time is often spent delving into arts and crafts of all kinds. Pottery, macramé, needle arts, doll making and beading have all been passions for her.

In the Spring of 2003, during a bout of beading, she came across Making Glass Beads by Cindy Jenkins. Since that moment, lampwork has been Jo’s sole creative passion.

As many lampworkers do, Jo entered the world of molten glass on the wings of a Hot Head torch. It was firmly bolted to a garage worktable by her slightly panic-stricken husband, Stan. Since those early days, Stan has become her biggest fan, for which she is eternally grateful.

Jo now works in a beautiful third-floor studio in her log home, Cracker Cottage, on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine. Her lampwork is inspired by views of the Intra Coastal and North Florida’s marshlands.

“There is still so much left for me to explore in lampwork,” Jo confesses. “I discover new things about it each time I sit down at the torch. There are so many things I want to try and to master. It continues to draw me in.

"I find myself reading Wet Canvas! Art Glass  when I should be working for a client, or melting glass when I should be cooking supper. I would rather have flameworking tools than a new clothes! How bad is that?"


Above and below are close-ups of my torch. I'm currently using a GTT Bobcat, and I love it! As you can see, it's mounted on a Creation Station Butterfly. You can click on either of these shots to get a larger view.

Studio Photos

My Current Studio

I use this table to work on jewelry.

The photo below shows my work table. Since this was taken, I switched the armed desk chair with the chair that doesn't have arms. It's much safer. I have also added a digital controller to my kiln subsequent to these photos.

My oxygen concentrator.

I keep the propane tank outside on the porch. I could hardly believe Stan consented to drilling a hole in his precious logs!

My First Studio
Spring 2003 to Summer 2004

It was a work table located in the garage. Like many, I started out with a hothead and no kiln. I had to pack it up for the big move when we sold this house in the summer of 2004, preceding the move to our newly constructed home. I was finally able to get my studio back up and running again by the Spring of 2005.

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